Evaluating supply chains from a resilience and cost perspective: a scoping literature review and future research directions

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Alem Fonseca, Mariel  ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2758-3608
Nie, Wei 
Tsolakis, Naoum 
Kumar, Mukesh 

Resilience in food supply chains (SCs) is critical to ensure food security, but it may come at a cost. Today, SCs face the challenge of balancing cost-effectiveness and resilience to remain competitive and viable. While reducing costs is critical to compete in the market, ensuring resilience is essential to withstand disruptions and guarantee food availability. This paper examines the relationship between resilience and cost at each sustainability pillar in food SCs. A critical literature review led to the development of a theoretical framework for evaluating the SC resilience and cost level, which can support operations management and decision-making processes.

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2023 EurOMA Conference
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