18 F-AV1451 PET imaging and multimodal MRI changes in progressive supranuclear palsy

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Rodriguez, Patricia Vazquez 
Malpetti, Maura 
Bevan-Jones, William Richard 
Simon Jones, P. 

Abstract: Objectives: Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is characterized by deposition of straight filament tau aggregates in the grey matter (GM) of deep nuclei and cerebellum. We examined the relationship between tau pathology (assessed via 18F-AV1451 PET) and multimodal MRI imaging using GM volume, cortical thickness (CTh), and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Methods: Twenty-three people with clinically probable PSP-Richardson’s syndrome (age 68.8 ± 5.8 years, 39% female) and 23 controls underwent structural 3 T brain MRI including DTI. Twenty-one patients also had 18F-AV1451 PET imaging. Voxelwise volume-based morphometry, surface-based morphometry, and DTI correlations were performed with 18F-AV1451 binding in typical PSP regions of interest (putamen, thalamus and dentate cerebellum). Clinical impairment was also assessed in relation to the different imaging modalities. Results: PSP subjects showed GM volume loss in frontotemporal regions, basal ganglia, midbrain, and cerebellum (FDR-corrected p < 0.05), reduced CTh in the left entorhinal and fusiform gyrus (p < 0.001) as well as DTI changes in the corpus callosum, internal capsule, and superior longitudinal fasciculus (FWE-corrected p < 0.05). In PSP, higher 18F-AV1451 binding correlated with GM volume loss in frontal regions, DTI changes in motor tracts, and cortical thinning in parietooccipital areas. Cognitive impairment was related to decreased GM volume in frontotemporal regions, thalamus and pallidum, as well as DTI alteration in corpus callosum and cingulum. Conclusion: This cross-sectional study demonstrates an association between in vivo proxy measures of tau pathology and grey and white matter degeneration in PSP. This adds to the present literature about the complex interplay between structural changes and protein deposition.


Funder: PSP Association; doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.13039/100011707

Original Communication, Tau, PET, MRI, Diffusion tensor imaging, Progressive supranuclear palsy
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Journal of Neurology
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