Cambridge Sporting Village, Cambridgeshire. Field walking, metal detecting and geophysical survey

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Patten, Ricky 

In November 2012 a field walking and metal detector survey was undertaken, along with a geophysical survey in March 2013. These surveys supplemented an earlier investigation in 2005 that formed the basis of the Trumpington Meadows desktop study (Dickens 2005). There was little evidence for prehistoric, Roman, or Medieval archaeological activity with only 101 pieces of struck flint suggestive of prehistoric activity and 177 pieces of 18th and 19th century pottery from the 2012 survey. Material from the Trumpington prisoner of war camp, Camp 45/180 was recovered from the topsoil, predominantly through the metal detector survey, with the possible concrete pads for buildings identified in the geophysical survey. Distribution plots from the survey have differentiated parts of the camp, administrative buildings and bunk/sleeping huts, as well as in camp activities

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