M W helps select Z ' models for b → s ℓ ℓ anomalies.

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Allanach, Ben 
Davighi, Joe 

As shown in Allanach et al. (Global fits of third family hypercharge models to neutral current B-anomalies and electroweak precision observables. arXiv:2103.12056), the Third Family Hypercharge ( Y 3 ) Model changes the Standard Model prediction for M W whilst simultaneously explaining anomalies in b → s ℓ ℓ transitions via a heavy Z ' gauge boson which is spawned by a spontaneously broken gauged U ( 1 ) Y 3 symmetry. The 2022 CDF II measurement of M W , which is far from the Standard Model prediction in the statistical sense, somewhat disfavours the Y 3 model. Here, we generalise the gauge charge assignments to the anomaly-free combination s Y 3 + t ( B 3 - L 3 ) and show that incorporating the 2022 CDF II measurement of M W selects a viable domain of integers s and t. For example, s = 1 , t = - 3 yields a p value of .08 in a two-parameter global fit to 277 electroweak and flavour changing b data, much improving a SM p value of 1 × 10 - 6 .

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Eur Phys J C Part Fields
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