The 2015 Report on Uniting Our Strengths for Peace: a New Framework for UN Peacekeeping?

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Gray, Christine 

The 2015 Report on UN peace operations, Uniting our Strengths for Peace—Politics, Partnership and People, is the first comprehensive report on peacekeeping for fifteen years. The Report appears at a time of divisions between States on the traditional principles of peacekeeping. Conflicts such as those in Mali and the DRC have led to calls for reappraisal of these traditional principles. The Report reflects concern that the UN's response ability is being outstripped by current events; it proposes shifts in the design and implementation of peace operations. It calls for a flexible approach to the use of force for the core obligation of protection of civilians, unswayed by the concerns of certain States that this may serve as a pretext for intervention and regime change. In contrast, it maintains a cautious approach to the use of peacekeeping operations for enforcement and counter-terrorism tasks.

4803 International and Comparative Law, 48 Law and Legal Studies, 4807 Public Law
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Chinese Journal of International Law
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