An Archaeological Evaluation at King's Garden Hostel, West Road, Cambridge

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Whittaker, Paula 

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit on land next to King's Garden Hostel, West Road, Cambridge. This work was commissioned by King's College in advance of a proposed extension to the Hostel. The evaluation results revealed a Saxon burial site, including part exposure of three graves of mixed orientation. These were surviving beneath a headland, probably formed in Medieval times when the area was part of the West Fields of Cambridge. Pottery of 13th/14th century date was found in the Medieval plough soil to the south of the headland. Remnants of ridge and furrow ploughing methods were evidenced, which had been cut by two later Medieval features, possibly small pits or the terminal ends of a parallel ditch. A number of Post Medieval features including pits and small planting trenches/drainage gullies probably related to the 19th century landuse, when the area was incorporated into the King's Fellows Gardens. Residual worked flint was found in the grave fills and one flake was found in the subsoil possibly a remnant of prehistoric buried soil.

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