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New Prison at Former Rockwell and APV Works, Westfield Road, Peterborough: An Archaeological Evaluation

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Knight, Mark 


Archaeological evaluation trenching within the grounds of the former Rockwell and APV Works, on behalf of HM Prison Service, has traced elements of Bronze Age settlement and enclosure. Comprising a pit containing Collared Urn fragments, two linear boundaries or field ditches, part of a substantial enclosure, and a stone and pottery lined posthole, the identified prehistoric features represent a subtle, but regionally familiar, pattern of Early to Late Bronze Age inhabitation. Significantly, given the sites comparatively elevated topographical location, the discovery would appear to demonstrate that the extensive fen-edge fen-edge Bronze Age fieldsystems can also be traced Peterborough’s 'urban' high ground. Surprisingly, one small piece of abraded recovered from a residual context represents the sum total of Roman archaeology encountered within the evaluation trenching. Extensive Post-Medieval ridge and furrow was traced across a large part of the site and found to contain within its headland and furrows a background flint scatter.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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