Tsagan Mukobenova, About Evil Spirits

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Tsagan says that evil spirits come out in the evening and therefore it is not a good time for people to set off on a journey. If a person happens to get to the road when it is already dark, he/she should stop and wait until dawn. She recounts a story that happened to her uncle. One evening her uncle set out on a journey. He was riding a cart pulled by an old horse, which he hoped would know its way. After several hours when he did not reach the destination, he began to get worried. It was only in the morning that he understood that he had been driving around in circles. Old people say that evil spirits tend to multiply before wars or times of trouble. If evil spirits haunt someone on the road, in order to get away from them, that person needs to whip the air with a whip or to fire with a gun. A woman can swear loudly.

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