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A coastal land/seascape.


Drawing [vertical orientation]. This picture presents another view of the shoreline of 41r, here in vertical orientation, Martens' vantage point being a position close to the fencing and forward of the leftmost building as depicted in 41r. The same hill appears in the centre, with the same slopes sketchily indicated. To the left and right of it in the midground, the same three buildings are recognisable, the leftmost disappearing off the left-hand edge of the picture. The fencing is more clearly delineated here than in 41r, and the buildings now show some indications of upright timber wallboarding. The same mix of small palm trees, bushes and other leafy trees appears in the vegetation behind and between the buildings. A tall palm protrudes in the centre. Some human figures are shown: one walking away from the viewer and approaching the central building along a straggly line that may indicate the high tide mark; and a group to the right at the water's edge, three of whom are seated, one standing. In the left foreground, a palm tree is depicted in some detail, rising to the top of the picture, and with nondescript sparse shrubby vegetation at its base. On the roughly even beach that occupies the foreground--midground, there is on the right a clump of three leafy trees, somewhat resembling the breadfruits illustrated eg in MS.Add.7984: 48, with a palm in their midst.

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