Research data supporting "MOVPE studies of zincblende GaN on 3C-SiC/Si (001)"

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Wade, Thomas 
Gundimeda, Abhiram 
Kappers, Menno 
Frentrup, Martin 
Fairclough, simon 

The MOVPE growth of two different sample series has been studied. In Sample Series A the epilayer growth temperature was varied at a constant V/III-ratio of 76 and a reactor pressure of 300 Torr. In Sample Series B the V-to-III ratio during the epilayer growth was varied at a constant temperature and a pressure of 300 Torr.

For each sample series, a separate Text Document (.txt file) with the following information has been deposited:

  • AFM data: RMS roughness
  • AFM data: Feature size parallel and perpendicular to the miscut direction
  • XRD phase analysis
  • XRD w-Rocking curves FWHM

A detailed description on how these data were collected is given in the associated research article.

Software / Usage instructions
Text Document (.txt)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N01202X/1)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M010589/1)
Technology Strategy Board (TS/N003756/1 - 132135)
This work was enabled through financial support by Innovate UK through the Energy Catalyst Round 2 - Early Stage Feasibility scheme (Ref. 132135): "To demonstrate the potential to make low cost, high efficiency LEDs using 3C-SiC substrates”, and by EPSRC through platform grant no. EP/M010589/1: “Beyond Blue: New Horizons in Nitrides”. D J Wallis would like to thank the support of EPSRC through grant no. EP/N01202X/1.