Excavations at Bannold Lodge, Chittering, Cambridgeshire

Change log
Whittaker, Paula 

Excavations at Bannold Lodge, in advance of the building of a sludge lagoon by Anglia Water, revealed archaeological deposits ranging from the Early Neolithic to Post Medieval periods. The prehistoric activity was limited to a single feature, with a small lithic assemblage (early Neolithic to Bronze Age) scattering the site. A late Iron Age/early Romano-British(late 1st/early 2nd century AD) roundhouse and hearth comprised an early phase of Romano British settlement . The most abundant archaeological material and features were datable to the mid - late Romano British period (2nd - 4th century AD). Enclosure ditches, a droveway and a boundary ditch adjacent to an inhumation provided evidence for the site being on the periphery of a settlement. A Medieval (c 14th century) causeway / droveway, with associated ditches and structure crosses the site. The droveway is probably the continuation of Denny Causeway , which was re-used in the Post Medieval period. Gravel pits were present on the site in great abundance, some could be dated to pre-14th century others were possibly Roman or earlier. Gravel extraction had a repeated history on the site with the central area lost to 20th century gravel extraction.

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