Jesus College, Pump Court Archaeological Monitoring of Geotechnical Investigations

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de Bruxelles, Charlotte 
Simões, Sara 

This report presents the results of archaeological monitoring of geotechnical trial pits and boreholes conducted by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) within Pump Court, Jesus College, Cambridge (Fig. 1). Occurring between the 25th and 27th of March 2019, it adds to the results of an earlier archaeological evaluation in the same area (Newman 2018).The work took place in advance of the redevelopment of the College Kitchens, with the proposed changes including a basement and ground-storey extension on the north side of the Hall, as well as the basementing of a substantial proportion of Pump Court (Fig. 1). It is this latter area that comprises the current Proposed Development Area (PDA; centred on TL 4521 5893). Geotechnical trial pits were manually excavated here and one was excavated in First Court, outside the PDA. A soakaway trial trench was also mechanically excavated 5m north of the PDA. All the trial pits, the soakaway trench and the boreholes were monitored and recorded by the archaeological team.

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