Gerel Shakeeva, About Wolves and Saiga Antelopes

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Gerel tried wolf’s meat before. She describes it as delicious and greasy. Since wolf’s meat has a high insulin content, it is not good to eat it too much. Gerel says that her brother was a shepherd and that he finds wolves smart and vengeful predators. Once her brother and his friends went for a walk in the steppe and found a wolf puppy. Not knowing that sometimes wolves kill their puppies if they are contaminated with human smell, the people patted the puppy and went home. Soon a wolf turned up at Gerel’s brothers place and began to kill sheep. Wolves could be very harmful for shepherds. According to Gerel’s brother, male wolves are loyal to their females. If a male wolf cheats on his partner, he avoids her for 40 days out of a fear that he may be bitten by the angry female. During this period, the male keeps providing the female with meat. Gerel also recalls than in her childhood she saw saiga antelopes. She even fed them with her friends. Gerel grew up in a village where many men were hunters. Her brother, for example, hunted rabbits. Gerel tried saiga’s meat once, but found it dry in terms of taste.

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