Research data supporting "Tempering of Low-Temperature Bainite"

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Bhadeshia, HKD 
Peet, M 
Miller, MK 
Babu, SS 

Atomic position data, from papers using atom probe tomography to study low-temperature bainite. Samples for examination by atom probe were prepared from alloy~A2 transformed at 473 K for 12 days and subsequently tempered for 30 min at 673 K and 773 K. Samples from an alternate melt of similar composition, alloy A1, were similarly prepared and tempered for various times -- this material was used for inspection by X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.

Alloy A2: Fe-0.75C-1.63Si-1.95Mn-1.48Cr-0.28Mo-0.1V-<0.01Al-0.003P-0.003S wt%

Alloy A1: Fe-0.79C-1.59Si-1.94Mn-0.02Ni-1.33Cr-0.3Mo-0.11V wt% Data in .pos and .ops format, can be used to repeat analysis presented in following papers, or for better visualisation of the tomographic data we presented. We hope this can become a resource to allow greater analysis of tomographic atom probe data in the future.

X-ray diffraction data for low-temperature bainite tempered for 1 hour at various temperatures is also included.

Contact: Dr Mathew Peet,

Data is from the following papers.

Tempering of low-temperature bainite M. J. Peet, S. S. Babu, M. K. Miller and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2017). DOI: 10.1007/s11661-017-4086-x


Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Analysis of Carbon Distribution in Low-Temperature Bainite, M. Peet, S. S. Babu, M. K. Miller and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, Scripta Materialia, Vol. 50, 2004, 1277-1281, DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2004.02.024.

== Posap Atom Probe data ==

= wu0f = A1-200C as transformed, 40 nm x 20 nm x 20 nm. wu0f.dat.ops (3.3M)
wu0f_try_ferrite_only.pos (470K) wu0fr4.dat.ops (10M)

= wu1f = A1-200C as transformed wu1er2.dat.ops (2.8M) wu1f.dat.ops (1.8M)

= wu3e = A1-200C as transformed (Not used in papers) wu3e.dat.ops (2.8M)

= wu4e = A1-200C as transformed 340 nm x 20 nm x 20 nm wu4e.dat.ops (51M)

= Wu5f = A1-200C, tempered at 673 K for 30 minutes, volume 90 nm x 20 nm x 20 nm.

  • wu5f.dat.ops (17M)
  • wu5f.pos (13M)

= wu6e = Assumed to be A1-200C, tempered at 673 K for 30 min (This volume not used in papers or thesis). wu6e.dat.ops (3.5M) wu6e.pos (2.6M)

=== LEAP Atom Probe data ==

= 2278 = A1-200'C, tempered at 673 K for 30 minutes. Volume 50 nm x 48 nm x 15.5 nm, containing 935 thousand ions.

  • R3_02278-v03.pos (12M)

= 2282 = A1-200'C, tempered at 773 K for 30 minutes. Volume 54 nm x 56 nm x 53 nm, containing 3.57 million ions.

  • R3_02282-v01.pos (47M)

Summary of data used in the two papers.

Heat Treatment ORNL#Ref 400 30 min wu5f 400 30 min wu5f 400 30 min 2278 500 30 min 2282

as transformed wu0f as transformed wu1er2 as transformed wu4e

== POS files ==

A POS file consists of the reconstructed ion positions and the m/n for each reconstructed ion. The POS file has been genereated from reconstruction algorithms and is the minimum set of information required to perform subsequent data analysis. (ranges for m/n need to be specified) POS is the most widely used format for APT. The data for each of these fields (x, y, z, m/n) are stored in the order of assignment from reconstruction as 4-byte IEEE Standard 754 single-precision floats in most-significant bit (big-endian) byte order. It should be noted that many systems read by least-significant bit order (small-endian) and that byte swapping will likely be required for successful interpretation outside of commercial CAMECA software.

== OPS files ==

3D "POS" datasets from 2D detector sequences obtained from Oxford Nanoscience POsition Sensitive Atom Probe (POSAP) "OPS" files. looks like it might be useful for file conversion, and to find documentation of the file format.

== X-ray data ==

Data in XRD directory, for alloy A1 transformed at 473 K (a1_200_1.dat) and then tempered for 1 hour at temperatures from 623-873 K (temperatures in file names). Standard files types .rd, .dat.

a1_200_1.rd a1_200_1.dat t1h350.rd t1h400.dat t1h400.rd t1h450.dat t1h450.rd t1h500.dat t1h500.rd t1h550.dat t1h550.rd t1h600.dat t1h600.rd

== Images ==

= Images-400_30mins =

Views of atom probe data (usually tomographic data) from samples tempered at 673 K for 30 minutes.

= Images-500_30mins =

Views of atom probe data collected from samples tempered at 773 K for 30 minutes.

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