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COVID-19 and Other Challenges: A Case Study of Certified Organic Green Tea Producers in China

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Sheng, J 
Zhao, J 


jats:p This article explores how the western concept of “organic agriculture” has been applied in the traditional Chinese tea industry and how it has been tested during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using in-depth interviews and observations made during 2017–2020, we analyzed different meanings of organic agriculture and values that were given by Chinese farmers who are certified organic producers. Although organic agriculture, particular certified by international certification standards, is a foreign concept, producers invested efforts that go beyond the commercial pursuit for profit. Most importantly, the combination of the reiterated cultural meaning and health benefits of the certified organic tea with the visionary strategy has allowed these producers to shift in a timely manner from export to domestic markets and adapt to the pandemic’s barriers presented to the global trade. </jats:p>


Funder: Renmin University of China; FundRef:


COVID-19, orientalism, organic agriculture, food certification, green tea

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Critical Sociology

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (71633005)
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