Bar Pasture Farm, Thorney: An Archaeological Desktop Study

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Gibson, David 

Butterley Aggregates Ltd have commissioned this desktop study in advance of their application for proposed sand and gravel extraction at Bar Pasture Farm, Thorney, Cambridgeshire. The location is east of the city of Peterborough and north of the River Nene in between the villages of Eye and Thorney. The application area is the provisional extraction zone centred on Bar Pasture Farm (TF 25080248) and either side of Willow Hall Lane. This study will assess the potential impact of proposed sand and gravel extraction on the archaeological landscape; drawing on the known archaeology an attempt will be made to predict the likely extent of visible sites and to suggest where others may be located. Archaeological evidence from the study area (a radius of 1km around the application area) was researched to situate the known archaeology of the application area in its local context and to aid interpretation of the patterns of past settlement and land use.

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