Dzhidzha Araeva, Zul and Tsagan Sar

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Kalmyks make bortsg biscuits for Zul, especially a variety called tselvg. Dough for tselvg is made without yeast by mixing milk and flour and adding sour cream or butter. Symbolizing the sun, tselvg has patched edges resembling sun rays and it should be offered to the altar. Other varieties of bortsg that are put on the altar are khuts, zhola, kit, and khorkha. After three days on the altar, bortsgs can be eaten. Kalmyks make bortsg and tea for Tsagan Sar as well. On this day they greet each other and visit their relatives. Women visit their husbands’ relatives and give them bortsg as a gift while saying, ‘I brought these bortsgs for you, my uncle’, ‘These bortsgs are for you, junior uncle’, or similar phrases.

Zul, Tsagan Sar, celebration, biscuits
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