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Proposed Re-development of the Former Pye Radio nd Television Works, Chesterton, Cambridge: An Archaeological Field Evaluation

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Armour, Nicholas 


A series of eight evaluation trenches were opened on the site of the former Pye Radio and Television Works, St Andrews Road, Chesterton, in advance of proposed re-development. The trenches concentrated on two main areas of the site, the largest of which was in the footprint of the demolished Pye factory block, now a car park. The second area lay towards the church and included part of the Old Manor House or Great Farm complex. Trenches covering the Pye factory block revealed widespread modern truncation and disturbance through extensive sand and gravel quarrying and the impact of factory building foundations and services. Some archaeological artefacts were recovered from quarrying back-fill in Trench 5 but these had been removed from context and could only suggest a nearby archaeological presence. The trenches by the Old Manor House complex entirely substantiated information found on the earliest maps of the area (1830) in regard of Lovers Walk, and located the outbuildings of the Old Manor House. Extensive quarrying for sand and gravel had also seriously truncated the surrounding area and no discreet archaeological features were recorded, however some of the quarry pits were of a Late Medieval date. To conclude it appears almost certain that potential early archaeological remains in the former Pye Radio and Television Works have been removed by modern truncation.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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