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The Wake[?], Port Desire

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A human figure in a rocky landscape.


Drawing. The sky is blank, the sun appearing to shine from high in the sky to the right of Martens' vantage point. The background of the whole picture consists of a rough irregular horizon line falling slightly and receding to the right. The foreground is occupied by level but uneven land with scanty very low bushes or grass tufts, and little other indication of vegetation. In the left centre of the midground stands a human figure, on whose right rough ground rises quickly up to a large irregularly rounded rock some 8m in `diameter' with a vertical to overhanging left-hand surface, and a right-hand surface sloping downwards at about 45 and apparently covered with grasses. Behind this, the upper outline of a similar but even taller outcrop looms. The distant horizon seems to be prolonged a little way in rough outline onto 23v.


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