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Research Data Supporting "Plasmon-Induced Trap State Emission from Single Quantum Dots"

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Ojambati, Oluwafemi 
Sokolowski, Kamil 


Zip folder containing optical spectra (.csv files) presented in the publication 'Plasmon-Induced Trap State Emission from Single Quantum Dots'. Each spectrum contains a wavelength (in nm) column and a spectral intensity column that corresponds to a physical quantity specified in the file. Fig1: Photo-luminescence spectrum (b_PL.csv) and extinction spectrum (b_aborbance.csv) of InP/ZnS quantum dots (QDs) in solution. PL spectrum of QDs coupled to the plasmonic cavity (d_PL.csv), dark-field spectrum of the NPoM cavity (d_darkfield.csv), and QD emission spectrum normalised by the cavity resonance (d_PL_norm). Fig2: QD emission spectrum excited by 120 fs pulses at 920nm, for QDs in aqueous phase/air (a_aqueous solution.csv) and dried on glass (a_dried on glass.csv). Power dependence of two-photon excited photoluminescence (2PPL) signals from QD solution (b.csv). Emission spectra of QDs in a NPoM cavity for increasing excitation power (c.csv). Optical power labelled individually. Quadratic power dependence of QD PL in NPoM (d.csv). Fig3: Normalised PL from one-photon-absorption of QDs in NPoM cavity (a_1PPL_NPoM.csv) and on glass (a_1PPL_QD.csv) using CW excitation at 447 nm, along with extinction of QDs in solution (a_QD solution aborbance.csv) and plasmonic cavity resonance (a_cavity scattering.csv). 2PPL spectrum for QDs in NPoM with 860 nm (a_2PPL_NPoM_860nm_ext.csv) and 920 nm (a_2PPL_NPoM_920nm_ext.csv) pulsed excitation, and from QDs dried on glass (a_2PPL trap states (dried QD).csv, one-photon excited trap state emission: a_1PPL trap states (dried QD).csv). 2PPL spectra for a single QD NPoM vs pump excitation tuned from 860 nm to 960 nm (b_2PPL wavelength scan.csv). Integrated 2PPL intensity of QDs in NPoM vs excitation wavelength (c_2PA.csv). Fig4: Ensemble PL from one-photon-absorption of 3 varieties of QDs on glass (a_dried QD band edge emission for three sizes.csv). Trap state PL from TPA of QDs on glass (b_dried QD trap states emission for three sizes.csv) and inside NPoM cavities (b_QD NPoM trap emission for three sizes.csv), using 920 nm pulses. Dark-field spectra of NPoM cavities formed with 3 QDs (d_QD NPoM dark field for three sizes.csv).


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Research Data, nanophotonics, optoelectronics, quantum dot, plasmonics, optics, nanocavity, solid-state material


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L027151/1)
European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) (829067)
European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) Research Infrastructures (RI) (861950)