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Port Desire, coast of Patagonia

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A rocky coastal inlet scene with seabirds.


[top right corner] "looking up"

Watercolour. The top half of the sky is blank, but there are cumulo-cirrus clouds in midheight in the left centre, and banks of cumulus towards the horizon, coloured very pale brown; the sun is shining from behind and to the right of Martens' vantage point. The foreground--midground shows an expanse of calm water in patches of pale brown, with some reflections of a rocky islet in the left centre of the midground, and a large rocky outcrop to the right. The islet is black on the left and upper surfaces, with white sun-reflecting areas, and rises vertically from the water; in front of the foot of it, small very dark brown rocks project above the water in a line running diagonally rightwards into the centre of the picture. To the left of the islet, a flock of over a dozen floating seabirds is indicated, in front of which approaching the foreground there are three other similar but solitary birds at different distances from viewer. Above the left-hand face of the islet a flock of some dozen seabirds circles. Behind and to the right of the islet, a more distant rocky islet is visible, rising less abruptly from the water. Behind and on both sides of the islets, a more distant rocky horizon-line disappears from view to the right behind a large rocky outcrop, which rises in an irregularly vertical fashion from the water, then slopes at 45%% towards the right-hand edge of the picture. The islets and outcrops are all characterised by irregular vertical cliff faces. The shadowed surfaces of the rocks are all coloured in shades of pale brown, with some darker areas.


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