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Pa bru Dancing Song 2

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Bsod nams dung mtsho 


This collection contains seven dancing songs collected in Pa bru Village, Skar ma Township, Chab mdo County, Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China by Bsod nams dung mtsho in June 2007.


This song is sung antiphonally between men and women while dancing at celebratory gatherings and festivals. The lyrics state that the cuckoo is considered an auspicious and lucky bird in Tibetan areas. 男子们和女子们在节日和庆祝聚会上轮流唱这首歌的同 时要跳舞。这首歌的意思是杜鹃在藏区是一只吉利和幸 运的鸟儿.


Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Tibetan, Chab mdo, Dancing song, Pa bru

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