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A study on multi-omic oscillations in Escherichia coli metabolic networks

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Bardozzo, Francesco 
Lió, Pietro 
Tagliaferri, Roberto 



            Two important challenges in the analysis of molecular biology information are data (multi-omic information) integration and the detection of patterns across large scale molecular networks and sequences. They are are actually coupled beause the integration of omic information may provide better means to detect multi-omic patterns that could reveal multi-scale or emerging properties at the phenotype levels.
            Here we address the problem of integrating various types of molecular information (a large collection of gene expression and sequence data, codon usage and protein abundances) to analyse the E.coli metabolic response to treatments at the whole network level. Our algorithm, MORA (Multi-omic relations adjacency) is able to detect patterns which may represent metabolic network motifs at pathway and supra pathway levels which could hint at some functional role. We provide a description and insights on the algorithm by testing it on a large database of responses to antibiotics. Along with the algorithm MORA, a novel model for the analysis of oscillating multi-omics has been proposed. Interestingly, the resulting analysis suggests that some motifs reveal recurring oscillating or position variation patterns on multi-omics metabolic networks. Our framework, implemented in R, provides effective and friendly means to design intervention scenarios on real data. By analysing how multi-omics data build up multi-scale phenotypes, the software allows to compare and test metabolic models, design new pathways or redesign existing metabolic pathways and validate in silico metabolic models using nearby species.
            The integration of multi-omic data reveals that E.coli multi-omic metabolic networks contain position dependent and recurring patterns which could provide clues of long range correlations in the bacterial genome.



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