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Association Between Change in Physical Activity During Pregnancy and Infant Birth Weight.

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Peter-Marske, Kennedy M  ORCID logo
Herring, Amy H 
Savitz, David A 


OBJECTIVE: We assessed whether total, recreational, and non-recreational physical activity (PA) assessed twice during pregnancy, and its change, were associated with infant birth weight and small for gestational age (SGA). METHODS: We included 1467 Pregnancy, Infection, and Nutrition 3 Study participants who self-reported PA at time 1 (T1: 17-22 weeks' gestation) and time 2 (T2: 27-30 weeks' gestation). We assessed last week absolute intensities of PA (moderate: 4.7-7.1 METs; and vigorous: > 7.1 METs) and perceived intensities. Change in hours/week of PA was assessed continuously or categorically (increase or decrease ≥ 1 hour, and no change). Associations of continuous PA hours/week at T1, T2, and its change, with sex-specific z-scores of birth weight, were assessed using multivariable linear robust regressions. We used logistic regressions to assess categorical PA measures with SGA. Models were adjusted for adequacy of maternal weight gain, general health, maternal age, parity, race/ethnicity, and smoking. RESULTS: Hours/week of total and recreational absolute intensities of PA at T1, T2, and its change were generally not associated with birth weight, although two measures of non-recreational PA at T2 and its change were associated with increased birth weight. Perceived intensities of PA (at T1, T2, and its change) were largely not associated with sex-specific z-scores of infant birth weight. Absolute and perceived intensity PA were not associated with SGA. CONCLUSIONS FOR PRACTICE: In this observational cohort, increases and decreases in PA during pregnancy were not associated with differential changes in birthweight or SGA.



Birth weight, Cohort study, Physical activity, Pregnant women, Small for gestational age, Female, Humans, Infant, Infant, Newborn, Male, Pregnancy, Birth Weight, Exercise, Fetal Growth Retardation, Gestational Age, Infant, Small for Gestational Age

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Matern Child Health J

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