Genizah MS T-S AS 144.94

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Fols 1v-2r: a calendrical work on the 259th lunar cycle (= 1142-1161 CE) written for R. Obadiah ha-Ḥazzan b. Aaron he-Ḥaver. The work is in Hebrew with some Judaeo-Arabic words. Fol. 2v: a record of the birth of Ḥalfon b. Obadiah in Kislev 4907 (= 1147 CE). The record is in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic. The record is stricken through and a note of the child's death is made in a different hand at the top of the page. On the bottom of page the record of birth is repeated in Arabic where the child is referred to as Ḵalf ibn ʿAbdallah.


In different hands.

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