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Ak Jang Ritual, 'White Belief’ Ritual



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Pegg, Carole 


This clan ritual (Sary Bür) is held bi-annually by Ak Jang believers at open-air temples in secret mountain locations. Arzhan Kӧzӧrӧkov, a renowned epic-teller and shaman, draws on epic motifs and performance modes as Ak Jang jarlyk spiritual leader at the temple above his natal village.The project builds on Pegg's research undertaken in the Mountain Altai since 2002. It includes audio-vidual recordings of living endangered traditions related to heroic epic performance. These include 'requests for blessings' and Jangar songs performed within Ak Jang (White Belief) clan rituals held in open-air temples (Küree) in secret mountain locations. Also included is a video recorded by Pegg prior to the WOLP project of the epic 'Maadai Kara' performed by a contemporary 'With Spirit' (Eelü) bard.


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altai, ak jang (white belief), epic, algysh blessing

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