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Sangadzhi Kononov, Buddhist Prayer Beads

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Churyumov, Anton 
Kovaeva, Bair 


Prayer beads have special dividers that divide the beads into 7, 21 and 33. Apart from using in prayers, the Kalmyks also keep beads as amulets that are believed to have strong energy. After prayers, old people often bless their children and grandchildren with their beads. Such beads are also kept in families from one generation to the next. Sangadzhi believes that prayer beads store inside them the energy of mantras that have been read with them. There is an interesting story about the prayer beads that Sangadzhi uses. He first saw his beads in his dreams and decided to get hold of them. After searching for some time, he found them in a shop and purchased them.



prayer beads, Buddhism, energy

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