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Research data supporting "Distributed sensing of a masonry vault during nearby piling"

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Acikgoz, Sinan 
Pelecanos, Loizos 
Giardina, Giorgia 
Aitken, James 
Soga, Kenichi 


This document describes the supplementary material to the following paper: Acikgoz, M.S., Pelecanos, L., Giardina, G., Aitken, J., Soga, K. (2016) Distributed sensing of a masonry vault during nearby piling. Structural Control and Health Monitoring. The data was collected in London Bridge Station during its redevelopment project. The data was collected between August 2013 and June 2015. The supporting data is presented with the associated figures in individual folders. These folders have identical names with the associated figures. In these folders, the processed and when required, raw data, can be found. The paper figures present the processed data, and are in MATLAB figure .fig format. The raw data is provided for the fibre optic strain measurements presented in Figure 7. A brief explanation of the raw data files in the .csv format and how they were processed to obtain the data in Figure 7 is described in a Word document. The raw data and the Word document can be found in the folder Figure 7. The raw data is provided for the laser scan point cloud measurements in the .txt format. Figures 10-16 process the data from these point clouds to arrive at the processed results. The data processing is described in the paper text. The raw point cloud data files and a brief explanation of these files can be found in the Figure 10 folder.


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fig, csv, txt, doc, rar


distributed sensing, fibre optices, laser scanning, cloud comparison, masonry arch bridge, settlement


University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant number EP/L010917/1] and Innovate UK.