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Planet Hunters TESS III: Two transiting planets around the bright G dwarf HD 152843

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Eisner, NL 
Nicholson, BA 
Barragán, O 
Aigrain, S 
Lintott, C 


We report on the discovery and validation of a two-planet system around a bright (V = 8.85 mag) early G dwarf (1.43 R, 1.15 M, TOI 2319) using data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Three transit events from two planets were detected by citizen scientists in the month-long TESS light curve (sector 25), as part of the Planet Hunters TESS project. Modelling of the transits yields an orbital period of \Pb\ and radius of 3.41−0.12+0.14 R for the inner planet, and a period in the range 19.26-35 days and a radius of 5.83−0.14+0.14 R for the outer planet, which was only seen to transit once. Each signal was independently statistically validated, taking into consideration the TESS light curve as well as the ground-based spectroscopic follow-up observations. Radial velocities from HARPS-N and EXPRES yield a tentative detection of planet b, whose mass we estimate to be 11.56−6.14+6.58 M, and allow us to place an upper limit of 27.5 M (99 per cent confidence) on the mass of planet c. Due to the brightness of the host star and the strong likelihood of an extended H/He atmosphere on both planets, this system offers excellent prospects for atmospheric characterisation and comparative planetology.



methods: statistical, planets and satellites: detection, stars: fundamental parameters, stars: individual: TIC 349488688, HD152843

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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