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Barrow Anglian Water Pipeline Replacement Scheme, Burnham, Lincolnshire.

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Rees, Emma 


This report is a post excavation assessment for the archaeological monitoring and recording of a pipeline in the county of Thornton Curtis, North Lincolnshire. The pipeline starts at Race Lane (TA 0627 1417) and terminates at the reservoir south of Burnham Beeches Farm, to the west of Burnham (TA 0462 1617). The report also discusses the results of two evaluation trenches, located to investigate potential archaeological anomalies highlighted by a geophysical survey. The work was undertaken between 23rd October 2012 and the 16th November 2012. The only archaeological feature revealed during the pipe trenching, potentially relates to the Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon occupation site first discovered during the construction of the reservoir.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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