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Alexandra Nastaeva, autobiography

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Churyumova, Elvira 


Having spent her childhood in orphanages in Siberia, Alexandra does not know her exact date of birth or the name given her by her parents, although she has some recollections of her early childhood in Kalmykia with her parents. She recalls how all Kalmyks were sent into exile in 1943, how her mother was arrested in Siberia, how she herself went hungry and other hardships of her life in exile. After Siberia, she worked as a teacher in a secondary school in Elista. During her childhood, Alexandra was a pioneer, then a komsomol and when she grew up she became a member of the Communist Party. In Kalmykia, she met her future husband and they brought up two children. She lives in Elista with her son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.



autobiography, Siberia, exile, childhood, secondary school, socialism

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