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Perceptually motivated loss functions for computer generated holographic displays

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Yang, Fan 
Kadis, Andrew 
Mouthaan, Ralf 
Wetherfield, Benjamin 
Kaczorowski, Andrzej 


Abstract: Understanding and improving the perceived quality of reconstructed images is key to developing computer-generated holography algorithms for high-fidelity holographic displays. However, current algorithms are typically optimized using mean squared error, which is widely criticized for its poor correlation with perceptual quality. In our work, we present a comprehensive analysis of employing contemporary image quality metrics (IQM) as loss functions in the hologram optimization process. Extensive objective and subjective assessment of experimentally reconstructed images reveal the relative performance of IQM losses for hologram optimization. Our results reveal that the perceived image quality improves considerably when the appropriate IQM loss function is used, highlighting the value of developing perceptually-motivated loss functions for hologram optimization.


Funder: The Cambridge Trust

Funder: The China Scholarship Council

Funder: Richard Norman Scholarship

Funder: VividQ Ltd.


Article, /639/624/1075/146, /639/624/1107/510, article

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Scientific Reports

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P030181/1)