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Critical risk and success factors for sustainability of an electronic health data capture, processing and dissemination platform for Uganda.

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Nabukenya, Josephine  ORCID logo
Drumright, Lydia 
Alunyu, Andrew Egwar  ORCID logo
Semwanga, Agnes Rwashana 


Several studies have investigated challenges that have marred success or even caused the failure of eHealth implementations in Uganda; however, none has focused on the risks and success factors of their sustainability. This study explored critical risk and success factors for the sustainability of an electronic health data capture, processing and dissemination platform for Uganda. A mixed-method research design was followed involving collecting empirical data from all four regions of Uganda. A purposive sampling strategy was used to select the study districts per region, health facilities per district, and respondents/participants per facility or district. Findings revealed several risks and success factors for sustainability, including; bad leadership, corruption, lack of sustainable maintenance programs, lack of suitable sustainability plans, lack of ICT infrastructure investment, poor management systems, funds, stakeholder buy-ins, data sharing and access rights. The success factors included reinvestments as a partial sustainability plan for ICT infrastructure. These factors can be leveraged to ensure the continued operation of eHealth implementations in Uganda. Every electronic health project aiming at success should always make due consideration/sustainability plan at the onset of project conceptualisation; as lack of such a plan has often resulted in failed projects after the initial funds have been withdrawn.


Peer reviewed: True


eHealth data capture, electronic health, risk and success factors, sustainability, Humans, Uganda, Electronic Health Records, Health Facilities, Telemedicine

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Health Informatics J

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