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Second Pass Homologues of Spore Coat/Exosporium Proteins in Clostridia (GCM Thesis; Appendix 7.2)



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Mills, Gabrielle 



Appendix 7.2

PDF file containing a list of second pass homologues in Clostridia species of established spore coat and exosporium proteins from literature. The listed data includes the protein name, bacterial species, accession number of that protein in that species, and the first and second-pass e-values for that protein compared to the query. Homology assessed using reverse BLASTp search protocol:

Refer to Appendix 7.1 for the first-pass protocol. For the 154 proteins in 107 species, the threshold for reciprocal homology searches was set at an e-value of 1E(−10), and only the top result was taken for each species, based on established protocols of Gibbons, et al. For this reverse homology search, the first-pass homologues were queried against the control proteome—i.e., the strain from which the control/seed protein was established. This was necessary due to the presence of multiple NCBI entries for the same protein, usually because of multiple strains. In cases where coat and exosporium proteins in Clostridia were found without a named homologue in Bacillus, this BLASTp search process was repeated to find homologues in other Clostridia species. Misnamed proteins were given a putative title related to their genetic locus.

Refer to Appendices 7.3 and 7.4 for verified homologues.


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