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Route to achieving perfect B-site ordering in double perovskite thin films

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Kleibeuker, JE 
Choi, E-M 
Jones, ED 
Yu, T-M 
Sala, B 


Double perovskites (DP, A2BB’O6) exhibit a breadth of multifunctional properties with a huge potential range of applications, including magneto-optic and spintronic devices. However, spontaneous cation ordering is limited by the similar size and charge of B and B’ cations. We introduce a route to stimulate B-site rock-salt ordering. By growing thin films on (111)-oriented substrates, ‘in-plane’ strain acts on the intrinsically tilted oxygen octahedra of the DP and produces two different B-site cages (in size and shape), stimulating spontaneous cation ordering. For the ferromagnetic insulator La2CoMnO6, clear Co/Mn ordering was achieved by growing on (111)-oriented substrates. The difference in B-site cages was further enhanced when grown under minor (111) in-plane compressive strain, resulting in long-range ordering with a saturation magnetization of 5.8 μB/formula unit (f.u.), close to the theoretical 6 μB/f.u., without antiferromagnetic behavior. Our approach enables the study of many new ordered DPs which have never been made before.



40 Engineering, 4016 Materials Engineering, 34 Chemical Sciences

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NPG Asia Materials

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Nature Publishing Group
European Commission (312483)
European Research Council (247276)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/K035282/1)
This work was supported by the European Research Council (ERC) (Advanced Investigator grant ERC-2009-AdG-247276-NOVOX), the EPSRC (Equipment Account Grant EP/K035282/1) and the Isaac Newton Trust (Minute 13.38(k)). LJ thank the support of the European Union Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement 312483—ESTEEM2 (Integrated Infrastructure Initiative-I3). SuperSTEM is the UK National Facility for Aberration Corrected STEM funded by EPSRC.