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Developing local RG: quantum RG and BFSS

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Melo, João F. 
Santos, Jorge E. 


Abstract: In this paper we study various forms of RG and apply these to the BFSS model of N coincident D0-branes. Firstly, as a warm-up, we perform standard Wilsonian RG, investigating the conditions under which supersymmetry is preserved along the flow. Next, we develop a local RG scheme such that the cutoff is spacetime dependent, which could have further applications to studying QFT in curved spacetime. Finally, we test the conjecture put forward in [1] that the method of quantum RG could be the mechanism responsible for the gauge/gravity duality by applying it to the BFSS model, which has a known gravitational dual. Although not entirely conclusive some questions are raised about the applicability of quantum RG as a description of the AdS/CFT correspondence.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Gauge-gravity correspondence, Renormalization Group, M(atrix) Theories, Supersymmetry Breaking

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg