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Research data supporting "Nonlinear Phase Shift Pre-compensation for Improved Power Budget in a 200 Gbps Simplified Coherent PON"

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Torres Ferrera, Pablo 
Kovacs, Istvan Bence 
Savory, Sebastian 


Excel file containing four sheets and each of them associated to one Figure in the paper: (1) Fig. 2(a) is the power budget at bit error rate (BER) = 1e-2 as a function of launch power for 50 km reach; (2) Fig. 2(b) is BER versus received optical power (ROP) curves for BtB and 50 km reach with different launch powers, with and without nonlinear pre-compensation (NLPC); (3) Fig. 3(a) is the BER versus ROP curves for back-to-back (BtB) and 25 km reach with different launch powers without NLPC and with NLPC having parameters optimized for 50 km reach and 11 dBm launch power, (4) Fig. 3(b) is the power budget at BER=10-2 versus reach summarizing the cases presented before. The data contained in those sheets was obtained after performing an experimental campaign, in which different physical parameters (reach, launch power, received power) were varied, the resulting signal was digitized and stored using a real-time oscilloscope, and finally the digital signal was processed using a set of algorithms described in the referred paper. The metric BER was the output of the digital post-processing for each set of physical parameters, which is then used to evaluate the sensitivity and power budget for all the analysed conditions, corresponding to a BER target of 1e-2. The information is then organized and reported in the tables contained in the Excel sheets.


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Access network, Digital signal processing, Optical communication


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/R035342/1)