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General relativistic hydrodynamics on overlapping curvilinear grids

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Blakely, PM 
Nikiforakis, Nikolaos  ORCID logo
Henshaw, WD 


Aims. We investigate the use of some high-resolution shock-capturing schemes on curvilinear grids in the context of general relativistic hydrodynamics (GRHD). We aim to demonstrate that these can be used to evolve accurately fluid flow onto a black hole. Methods. We describe a numerical scheme which applies high-resolution shock-capturing schemes and the curvilinear overlapping grids methodology to the evolution of the equations of GRHD. Results. We apply our scheme to the problem of Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion onto a black hole.We validate our approach against an exact solution of the problem and against previous numerical results. Our approach allows for the incident wind to be at any angle to the spin-axis of the Kerr black hole, and also allows the flow density to be perturbed upstream. We give an illustration of the effects of these perturbations on the resulting flow-field.



methods: numerical, accretion, accretion disks, hydrodynamics, shock waves

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

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EDP Sciences
This work was funded by an EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant, and use was also made of the Darwin Supercomputer of the University of Cambridge High Performance Computing Service (, provided by Dell Inc. using Strategic Research Infrastructure Funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England.