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Out-of-plane auxeticity in sintered fibre network mats

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Neelakantan, S 
Tan, JC 
Markaki, AE 


Fibre network mats composed of stainless steel exhibit an unusually large out-of-plane auxeticity (i.e. high negative Poisson’s ratio ν) when subjected to in-plane tensile loading. In situ observations in a scanning electron microscope suggest that this is attributable to fibre segment straightening. An investigation was carried out on the effects of fibre volume fraction and network thickness on the auxetic response. Weak inter-layer bonding, high fibre content and low network thickness were found to amplify the auxetic effect.



Porous material, Fibres, Tension test, Stainless steels, Poisson's ratio

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Scripta Materialia

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Elsevier BV
EPSRC (EP/C011112/1)
European Research Council (240446)
This research was supported by the European Research Council (ERC) (Grant No. 240446). We wish to thank Dr. Kalin Dragnevski at The Laboratory for In situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) in the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University for the help in setting up the in situ DEBEN experiments.