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Direct trafficking pathways from the Golgi apparatus to the plasma membrane.

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Stalder, Danièle 


In eukaryotic cells, protein sorting is a highly regulated mechanism important for many physiological events. After synthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum and trafficking to the Golgi apparatus, proteins sort to many different cellular destinations including the endolysosomal system and the extracellular space. Secreted proteins need to be delivered directly to the cell surface. Sorting of secreted proteins from the Golgi apparatus has been a topic of interest for over thirty years, yet there is still no clear understanding of the machinery that forms the post-Golgi carriers. Most evidence points to these post-Golgi carriers being tubular pleomorphic structures that bud from the trans-face of the Golgi. In this review, we present the background studies and highlight the key components of this pathway, we then discuss the machinery implicated in the formation of these carriers, their translocation across the cytosol, and their fusion at the plasma membrane.



Secretion, Constitutive Secretion, Post-golgi Carriers, Golgi To Plasma Membrane Sorting, Pleomorphic Tubular Carriers

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Seminars in cell & developmental biology

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Wellcome Trust (210481)