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Analysis of the Establishment and Closure of the Ta Teh Institute in British Hong Kong during the Chinese Civil War



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Hung, Chung Fun Steven 


The Ta Teh Institute was a prominent and important higher learning institute that existed in Hong Kong during the period of the Chinese Civil War, after the Second World War. The institute was founded in October, 1946 and then forcefully banned by the Hong Kong Government in February, 1949. The institute was actually administered and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. This paper aims to elucidate under what circumstances was the Ta Teh Institute established and closed. From a historical epistemological perspective, it is necessary to understand existing conditions through the lens of relevant past events. Thus, in this context, the reconstruction of epistemological history is applied to describe the actual situation. Although true and causally explained history can never be completely known, it can frequently be reasonably understood. Through performing a historical analysis, the results achieve a deeper understanding of the establishment and closure of the Ta Teh Institute during the Chinese Civil War.



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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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