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Research data supporting "Quantum-Tunnelling Induced Optical Rectification and Plasmon-Enhanced Photocurrent in Nanocavity Molecular Junctions"

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Assumpcao, Daniel 
Guo, Chenyang 
Baumberg, jeremy 


One .zip folder, containing two subfolders ('main' and 'SI'). Data are organised following the structure and figures of main manuscript and Supporting Information. Datafiles, and all columns and rows inside datafiles, are explicitly labelled according to the part of the Figure they represent. Minimal post-processing was applied to the presented data, with post-processing generally limited to subtraction of background dark counts of optical detectors (darkfield spectroscopy), normalisation of the signal to input illumination (darkfield spectroscopy), and subtraction of average baseline electronic noise (electrical measurements). Additional details on equipment, protocols and simulation data are provided in detail in the Methods section of the main manuscript.


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Molecular electronics, photocurrent, plasmonics, nanoparticle, self-assembly, photodetector