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Spatial tracking of individual fluid dispersed particles via Raman spectroscopy.

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Hogan, Benjamin Thomas 
O'Dowd, Jennifer 
Faneca Ruedas, Joaquin 
Baranov, Alexander 
Baldycheva, Anna 


We demonstrate a method for the spatial tracking of individual particles, dispersed in a fluid host, via Raman spectroscopy. The effect of moving a particle upon the intensity of different bands within its Raman spectrum is first established computationally through a scattering matrix method. By comparing an experimental spectrum to the computational analysis, we show that the position of the particle can be obtained. We apply this method to the specific cases of molybdenum disulfide and graphene oxide particles, dispersed in a nematic liquid crystal, and contained within a microfluidic channel. By considering the ratio and difference between the intensities of the two Raman bands of molybdenum disulfide and graphene oxide, we demonstrate that an accurate position can be obtained in two dimensions.



51 Physical Sciences, 5104 Condensed Matter Physics

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