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Two-loop leading colour helicity amplitudes for W ± γ + j production at the LHC

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Badger, Simon 
Hartanto, Heribertus Bayu  ORCID logo
Kryś, Jakub 


Abstract: We present the two-loop leading colour QCD helicity amplitudes for the process pp → W (→ lν)γ + j. We implement a complete reduction of the amplitudes, including the leptonic decay of the W-boson, using finite field arithmetic, and extract the analytic finite remainders using a recently identified basis of special functions. Simplified analytic expressions are obtained after considering permutations of a rational kinematic parametrisation and multivariate partial fractioning. We demonstrate efficient numerical evaluation of the two-loop colour and helicity summed finite remainders for physical kinematics, and hence the suitability for phenomenological applications.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Higher-Order Perturbative Calculations, Scattering Amplitudes, Specific QCD Phenomenology

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg