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Multioscillating black holes

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Ishii, Takaaki 
Murata, Keiju 
Santos, Jorge E. 
Way, Benson 


Abstract: We study rotating global AdS solutions in five-dimensional Einstein gravity coupled to a multiplet complex scalar within a cohomogeneity-1 ansatz. The onset of the gravitational and scalar field superradiant instabilities of the Myers-Perry-AdS black hole mark bifurcation points to black resonators and hairy Myers-Perry-AdS black holes, respectively. These solutions are subject to the other (gravitational or scalar) instability, and result in hairy black resonators which contain both gravitational and scalar hair. The hairy black resonators have smooth zero-horizon limits that we call graviboson stars. In the hairy black resonator and graviboson solutions, multiple scalar components with different frequencies are excited, and hence these are multioscillating solutions. The phase structure of the solutions are examined in the microcanonical ensemble, i.e. at fixed energy and angular momenta. It is found that the entropy of the hairy black resonator is never the largest among them. We also find that hairy black holes with higher scalar wavenumbers are entropically dominant and occupy more of phase space than those of lower wavenumbers.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Black Holes, AdS-CFT Correspondence

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg