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Underlying data supporting: Misjudging Early Embryo Mortality in Natural Human Reproduction

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This file consists of transcripts of scientific witness statements submitted as evidence in R (on the application of Smeaton) v Secretary of State for Health [2002] EWHC 610 (admin) (18 April 2002) (Case No: CO/928/01). They are included to enable readers to evaluate claims made in the main article and to see the full extent of the evidence presented to The Honourable Mr Justice Munby. Where no explicit consent to publish the statements has been obtained from a witness, the content has been redacted, except where that content has been quoted by Munby J. in his judgment or directly referenced by me in the main article. The transcripts were made personally by the author of the main article from photocopies of documents in the archives of the Claimant. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the transcripts are faithful reproductions of these photocopies. This means that typographical or other errors in the original documents have been retained and transcribed. Copies of the unredacted transcript and original documents will be made available on request. Any errors of transcription are the responsibility of the author and will be corrected on notification. Personal addresses will remain redacted where indicated. Copyright (“all rights reserved”) for the contents of the individual witness statements remains with the respective authors.


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Mr Justice Munby, Smeaton, morning-after pill, embryo mortality, early pregnancy loss



Copyright ("all rights reserved") for authors of statements