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Ubush Darzhinov, About the Power of Tibetan Mantras and Buddhism

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Churyumov, Anton 


Ubush says he goes to Buddhist temples in order to recharge himself with positive energy. He believes that the length of any Tibetan mantra is the same as that of the wave of a human bio-field. When a person falls ill, his/her bio-field is interrupted, but recovers when subjected to a mantra. Tangkas, or Buddhist paintings also have energy. Some old tangkas emanate such a high level of energy that some people pass out. Ubush thinks that Buddhism in Kalmykia is developing in the right direction. The Shajin Lama (Supreme Lama) of Kalmykia sent Kalmyk youth to study Buddhism in Tibet and today some of them have already completed their studies and are working in Kalmykia. According to Ubush, Buddhism in Kalmykia is also pure, because the Kalmyk monks receive their education from the very source of this religion in India.



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