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Recall of government healthy eating campaigns by consumers in five countries.

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Armendariz, Gabriela C 
Arellano, Laura 
Jáuregui, Alejandra  ORCID logo


OBJECTIVE: To examine awareness and recall of healthy eating public education campaigns in five countries. DESIGN: Data were cross-sectional and collected as part of the 2018 International Food Policy Study. Respondents were asked whether they had seen government healthy eating campaigns in the past year; if yes (awareness), they were asked to describe the campaign. Open-ended descriptions were coded to indicate recall of specific campaigns. Logistic models regressed awareness of healthy eating campaigns on participant country, age, sex, ethnicity, education, income adequacy and BMI. Analyses were also stratified by country. SETTING: Online surveys. PARTICIPANTS: Participants were Nielsen panelists aged ≥18 years in Australia, Canada, Mexico, UK and the USA (n 22 463). RESULTS: Odds of campaign awareness were higher in Mexico (50·9 %) than UK (18·2 %), Australia (17·9 %), the USA (13·0 %) and Canada (10·2 %) (P < 0·001). Awareness was also higher in UK and Australia v. Canada and the USA, and the USA v. Canada (P < 0·001). Overall, awareness was higher among males v. females and respondents with medium or high v. low education (P < 0·001 for all). Similar results were found in stratified models, although no sex difference was observed in Australia or UK (P > 0·05), and age was associated with campaign awareness in UK (P < 0·001). Common keywords in all countries included sugar/sugary drinks, fruits and vegetables, and physical activity. The top five campaigns recalled were Chécate, mídete, muévete (Mexico), PrevenIMSS (Mexico), Change4Life (UK), LiveLighter® (Australia), and Actívate, Vive Mejor (Mexico). CONCLUSIONS: In Mexico, UK and Australia, comprehensive campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles appear to have achieved broad, population-level reach.



Awareness, Diet, Education campaign, Healthy eating, Mass media, Adolescent, Adult, Cross-Sectional Studies, Diet, Healthy, Exercise, Female, Government, Health Promotion, Humans, Male

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Public Health Nutr

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Cambridge University Press (CUP)
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