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Too much ‘digital’, too little ‘humanities’? An attempt to explain why many humanities scholars are reluctant converts to Digital Humanities


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Porsdam, Helle 


Early work in Digital Humanities (DH), was heavily influenced or even led by the technology. But with the second wave of DH, the visions and the initiatives are coming from within the humanities. The key words are qualitative, interpretive, experiential, emotive, and generative and digital toolkits are being developed and used in the service of the Humanities’ core methodological strengths: attention to complexity, medium specificity, historical context, analytical depth, critique and interpretation. The aims of the project are to: -Explain in clear, economical terms what the Digital Humanities (DH) are -Outline what the role(s) of DH are likely to be in teaching and research

  • Survey the likely impact(s) of DH on scholarly publishing
  • Identify and discuss what the main Intellectual Property issues are likely to be in relation to DH.



digital humanities, reluctance, humanities, copyright

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This work was conducted as part of the Arcadia Programme, a three year programme funded by a grant from the Arcadia Fund.