Roman Lyariev, About Wolves

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Roman says that when wolves arrive the number of foxes and rabbits in that place goes down. Wolves are family oriented, territorial animals. Every family or pack is headed by an alpha male and an alpha female. Wolf cubs learn from their parents. Sometimes wolves hunt livestock, including cows and sheep, which is not good, because cubs also learn this too. It is also known that wolves attack bigger livestock. Once in Kalmykia a 6-month old foal was attacked by wolves. Wolves sleep during the day and start hunting in the evening. Roman relays two story that happened to him and his brother Alexandr. Story One. Once a wolf killed a sheep but did not have time to eat it, because it was chased away by a shepherd. Roman and his brother set off to hunt down that wolf, which turned out to be a female. They managed to kill the wolf when it came back to the sheep’s corpse after sunset. Alexandr correctly predicted where the wolf would come from. This enabled the hunters to shoot the wolf from a close position. Story Two. One day in the winter Alexandr went on a hunting trip accompanied by his three dogs. After some time in the field he saw two of his dogs run towards him, being chased by about seven wolves. When the wolves approached, he shot a female one twice that was as close to him as 10 meters. The other wolves retreated. With a third bullet Alexandr wounded a male wolf. The wolves retreated still further and ran away. Roman explains that at that time the wolves were on heat and very dangerous. Alexandr dragged the dead wolf for three hours until he reached his house.

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